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Are you Anti-Antiperspirant?

I hear this MYTH a lot, that aluminum in antiperspirants can cause cancer.

The FACT is, even Cancer.org says the scientific evidence does not support the false rumors circulating around the Internet. (See their position statement here.)

Not only is there no credible science linking topical aluminum antiperspirant to cancer, the absorption through our skin is less than what we ingest through canned food and beverages.

The REALITY is there are choices. There are herbal deodorants. However if you want an antiperspirant, it MUST include one of 13 FDA-approved ingredients, which are all various forms of aluminum.

Antiperspirants fall under the purview of the FDA as a “cosmeceutical”. If a product doesn’t have one of the 13 aluminum-

based compounds as an ingredient, it is not allowed to be marketed as an antiperspirant.

There is a range of effectiveness, and cost (of course), and some people will find higher concentrations or certain ingredients irritating to their skin. If that sounds like you, I can probably help you find one that works really well without irritation.

To your best health!

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