What the heck is a HealthyVangelist?

I wasn't always a HealthyVangelist. Back when I was invincible, I had a deep love for Cheetos, pizza and vodka. Also late nights and a high stress career. 

That was before my body turned on me. 

Before a series of health issues turned out to be Crohn's Disease.

I refused to believe I would be a patient for the rest of my life. I had been an elite athlete, for god's sake!  I endured serious intestinal indignities, and 'bonus' symptoms like migrating joint swelling and iritis (inflammation of the iris - who knew that was a thing?). 

It's one thing to live in the bathroom, but even worse to limp in on crutches and partially blind. If that weren't enough, the drugs made me gain weight, battle insomnia and lose my temper.  My marriage was suffering, and I wasn't the parent I wanted to be to my two precious girls.  Something needed to change.

Desperate for pain relief and a 'normal life', without side effects and the risk factors of high dose prednisone or biologic drugs, I set out to explore every holistic, natural anti-inflammatory potion, practice and procedure I could find.  

I learned a lot. And it worked!

Food is medicine.  Supplementation is powerful.  Meditation is magic.  And many of our everyday products are toxic. 

We CAN pivot.

I now live a VIBRANT life, prescription-free and pain free. The more I share my story, the more I realize just how many people benefit.

I pursued certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach so I could help others find their 'best health, made simple'.

You CAN feel better.  I know it in my heart. 

I am a Health Evangelist. 

Deep down, I think we all are.

We aspire to be more healthy, not less.

It's about health-span, not just life span. 

Your BEST health is waiting for you.  Let's go get it. 

~To your health!